My Journey

How I started off with a trading account without any investment, just the $30 free bonus provided by my broker and how I´m making money with it.

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29th May 2017: Opened a Micro Trading Account and received my $30 free bonus to get me started. Tested my account out with a couple of small trades to check that everything is working fine.






End of day: Profit: $0.47  Credit: $30.00  Balance: $0.47

30th May 2017: Started looking at the free signals provided by my broker and decided that I will stick to just 1 pair of currencies which will be the GBP/USD. Did a couple of small trades based on the free signals and worked out well. As I have a Micro Account and also very little money in this account, I am being very careful and only doing 1 Micro lots which equals to $0.01 per PIP.






End of day: Profit: $2.06  Credit: $30.00  Balance: $2.53

2nd June 2017: As you can see, I´m taking it really slow at the moment as I´m studying carefully the GBP/USD. Made a little trade and turned out good.





End of day: Profit: $2.66  Credit: $30.00  Balance: $5.19

9th June 2017: As you can see, I didn´t do any trading for a few days because apart from trading, I also do Internet Marketing, so I have been quite busy with other things but with the trades that I did today, it was well worth it!






End of day: Profit: $30.23  Credit: $30.00  Balance: $35.42

13th June 2017: Didn´t do anything yesterday and also not much today as I have been updating some articles on my blog and also on Instagram, Facebook and Google+. But I made a little time for some quick scalping, but nothing much to jump about!






End of day: Profit: $1.69  Credit: $30.00  Balance: $37.11

14th June 2017: Did quite a few trades today but also had to cancel some as I made a stupid mistake of selling instead of buying! This cannot happen again! Must be all the types of work that I am doing at the same time! But still made a nice little earner! Little by little it all adds up!






End of day: Profit: $14.45  Credit: $30.00  Balance: $51.56

15th June 2017: Today was a good day and the earnings give my balance a nice boost!






End of day: Profit: $25.03  Credit: $30.00  Balance: $76.59

16th June 2017: Today I did a little scalping waiting for the GBP/USD to go down a little further until I could make a buy as it was predicted for it to go as high as 1.28600 later afternoon but it didn´t reach the target. Instead of taking some little profits I decided that I would leave the trades open all weekend and hopefully on Sunday evening when the market opens it will carry on going up from there. I don´t like to leave trades open for that long but I thought that I should with this one. I´m also attaching my total account balance to date in the below images. Roll on Monday!






End of day: Profit: $0.99  Credit: $30.00  Balance: $77.58

19th June 2017: Well… Woke up Monday morning and the trades that I left open from Friday where doing well… I was up around $12 but I decided to wait and see if they would reach $20 throughout the day but they didn´t… I guess greed got over me… should have taken the $12 profit! Still… i did a little bit of scalping, not making alot but every little helps… My trades from Friday are still open and I´m waiting to see how much they go up so that I can take the profits and run!






End of day: Profit: $1.48  Credit: $30.00  Balance: $79.06

20th June 2017: Didn´t have much time on my hands today to concentrate on my trades as I´m very busy working on my blog and social networks but still made a little time for a couple of quick scalps. Nothing big but remember that it all adds up! Still waiting for some trades from last Friday to give some payback!






End of day: Profit: $1.88  Credit: $30.00  Balance: $80.94

As you can see, it is possible to start trading without any investment and earn money with it! Now that I have proved this to you I really don´t have the time to continue this journey as I have my other own trading account to take care of and also this blog along with several social networks so I hope that you learned something from this post and wish you all the luck in your trading!

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